Authority Experiment

These days I create some blogs to support my main blogs. I have told about this on my blog.  Now,  I’m waiting to my blog getting Technorati authority. I try to put my link on blogroll of this blog, but after 2 days that blog is have not get authority yet.  Today  I decide to  write this post to share my experience  about  Technorati authority. I will try to put my link on my post and I will see how this way will be reacting to my blog. My blog that I try to optimize for Technorati authority is this Personal Blog. I will ping it after this, for my both blogs, and see the reaction. I will share this more.

Starting Some Blogs

Today I starting to create some new blogs. I want to try to manage some blogs with some specific topic, such as travel, technology, laptop, business, etc. I have planned to add some blogs to create tomorrow or  days after tomorrow.  I want to create those blogs to supporting some primarily blogs I had. I will keep updating my primary blog and sometimes update others supporting blogs. I’m doing this to try to support my primary blogs to reach higher ranking.

Technorati Authority

Now, my blogs is running. I still trying to increase my Technorati authority. I try to keep updating my blogs and pinging on Technorati. Technorati being one of indicator for blog popularity. It count how many blog linking to our blog. They will give one authority for each blog which also has authority that linking to our blog. Now, I’m still waiting for this blog to had some authority.

Long Time No Post

It has been about 3 month I don’t have post here, my real blog has come over and being optimize. I have follow some tutorials to optimize it. I have try to set permalink and another setting. Now, I have to promote this site so I will get more visitors. Visitors is still being my primarily problem for now. I just now trying to increase my blog popularity too. Hope to be better for each day.

Here We Are!

Welcome to This is my WordPress blog for my real blog. Just visit here to go there! Have fun!